Maryland Hands Out Over 133,000 Free Chromebooks

Maryland Hands Out Over 133,000 Free Chromebooks

A Chromebook can be used as a gateway to the internet because it is built around an internet connection and browser-based workflow powered by Chrome OS. Due to this reliance on the cloud, Chromebooks are also able to be built with modest specifications, since the local machine isn’t doing much heavy lifting. A Chromebook is the perfect device for someone who needs to get online and do basic tasks. In the US, Maryland has distributed many Chromebooks to needy citizens.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore announced that over 133,000 Chromebooks will be given out through local governments to households in need. This $27.2 million initiative aims to help more people access the internet and online resources.

The Chromebooks will allow Maryland residents to apply for jobs, do schoolwork, and connect with important community programs online. They partnered with companies like HP and Daly Computers to provide the devices.

Maryland also teamed up with the University of Maryland to offer free tech support through digital navigators. This help will allow recipients to get assistance with their new Chromebooks if needed.

Giving out so many Chromebooks will help narrow Maryland’s “digital divide” between those who can and cannot easily access the internet. Everyday tasks increasingly require a computer, so these devices open up opportunities that many families previously missed out on. This program shows how providing accessible technology can bridge digital gaps in important ways.

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