Meta Giving Europeans More Choice on Instagram and Facebook Feeds

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Meta’s recommendation algorithm is about to become optional for Facebook and Instagram users in Europe and hopefully that option can also become available for other users globally. This was contained in a blog post from Meta today and this option is expected to affect how Europeans relate with Reels, Stories, and Search.

Instagram and Facebook users in Europe will now get more options to choose if they want to see recommended posts or see posts chronologically. According to Meta’s head of global affairs Nick Clegg, European users will be able to see Reels, Stories, and Search results without posts that Meta thinks they might like.

They can choose to just see posts from people they follow uploaded in order from newest to oldest. They can also search and only see results for the exact words typed without personalization based on their past activity.

Meta is making these changes because of new rules in Europe called the Digital Services Act. This law says big tech companies must let users choose not to get personalized recommendations. TikTok recently did something similar after this new law.

While users can already see some chronological feeds on Instagram and Facebook, this will be the first time they have the choice for Reels and Stories. Clegg said Meta still has more to do to fully follow the new digital rules by the end of this month. Over 1000 Meta employees are helping make sure the company follows what the law requires.

Meta is also doing other things like making ads more transparent, explaining its recommendation systems better and making it easier to report illegal content. This move aims to give Europeans more choice and control over their Facebook and Instagram experiences.

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