iPhone 6s Review

The iPhone 6s brings a revolutionary experience with the 3D touch. The innovation brought into the phone reminds me of how Microsoft also brought an awesome exprience for the users with the introduction of Windows 10.
The iphone 6s has a ceramic metalic finish just like the iPhone 6 but is slightly heavier and since the 3D touch technology is the main difference that makes me think like the tech is pretty heavy. That’s an exaggeration though as the phone is pretty light and you will be really sensitive to notice the difference in weight.
The phones enclosure is made from reinforced 7000 series aluminium which is pretty popular in the aerospace industry. The glass screen is made from the strongest glass ever built for a phone and is made by using  a special dual ion‑exchange process that targets strenthening at a molecular level.
The  iPhone 6s is at 4.7″ while the plus is at 5.5″ and both come with Retina HD display and 3D touch. The 6s has a resolution of 1334×750 which is somewhere inbetween bassic and full HD while the 6s plus is with the full HD display of 1920×1080.
The 6s is at
Hardware and Storage
The iPhone 6s is with 64-bit desktop class architecture. The A9 chip that was specificaly crafted for the iPhone 6s and this makes it 70% faster than the iPhone 6 while the GPU is at 90% faster that the iPhone 6 and this is a significant level of improvement. The M9 motion coprocessor is integrated into the A9 so as to improve the performance and battery life of the iPhone 6s while using the accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, aor barometer for your fitness tracking apps.
The fingerprint scanner is easy to use and scans at high resolutions and speeds.
Camera and OS
The iPhone 6s has a new 12MP sensor that uses next generation advanced pixel technology that ensures crosstalk prevention so as to give a sharper photo that has less noise and more realistic color.

You can take up to 4k quality videos with the camera of the iPhone 6s and it features optical image stabilization for videos as well as photos (6s Plus only), so you can get great shots in low light while the duo have cinematic video stabilization when shooting either in basic or full HD.

The front camera of 5MP includes Retina Flash to achieve perfectly lit selfies, while a custom display chip drives the display to flash three times brighter than usual.

Add Ons
The 3D touch is really revolutionary and uses the pressure of touch to activate peek and pop functions.
The Peek and Pop function will allow users to preview content and even act on it. For example, with a light press you can Peek at each email in your inbox. Then when you want to open one, press a little deeper to Pop into it.
On Point Rating
The iPhone 6s and 6s plus are amazing on a lot of counts but I have a feeling that Apple still held back a little at the graphic end but you really can’t complain at the value of the phone and I would easily give the 6s a 10.5 and the 6s Plus a 10.9 rating
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