Notion Gets New Privacy Tools With Skiff Acquisition

Notion has been working to add more private options to its productivity apps. The company recently launched a new calendar based on technology from another company called Cron. Now, Notion will integrate features from Skiff to give users even more control over their data.

Skiff was founded in 2020 by Andrew Milich and Jason Ginsberg. They created tools for storing files, documents, calendar events, and emails with strong encryption so only the user can see the content. Notion leaders like CEO Akshay Kothari had their eye on Skiff from the beginning. He tried to work with them in 2020, but it didn’t happen then.

Notion announced today that it will now work with Skiff. The companies have agreed that Notion will buy Skiff. This means Skiff’s security tech will join Notion. Users will soon see Skiff’s end-to-end encryption and privacy controls within Notion. This helps address a concern some have about Notion protecting personal information.

Skiff started as a secure option compared to Google Docs. But they expanded to make calendars and emails private too. In its statement, Skiff said the acquisition means they will close down operations after six months. This gives time to migrate accounts and data to Notion or other services.

Notion has bought other apps before to improve. In 2022 it gained tools from Flowdash and Cron. Before that it purchased Automate.io’s integration features. Adding Skiff keeps growing Notion’s lineup with what users want like greater control over sensitive data.

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