Why are iPhones so expensive?

Why are iPhones so expensive

Popular Comedienne Majimbo, in an Instagram post, joked that the latest Iphone 14 and its pro version were released even though people couldn’t afford the ones that have been already released. But then we all know that when the Iphone Company releases these phones, they do so for those that can afford it, and those that know what Iphones really are worth. But the biggest question here is, why are Iphones so expensive?

Logically, there are phones that perform equally, or even way better than Iphones, but are not as expensive as the king of phones. What’s the hype all about? And why do people keep buying these phones even in countries where it seems the majority shouldn’t be able to afford such “Luxury”

Why Iphones are so expensive?

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Storage Space

There are phones that have the same Storage Space as Iphones do, but let’s be honest. The speed at which Iphones operate is like that of lightning. For example, the latest iPhone 14 has a 6GB RAM memory and so much ROM that it sounds like you can’t actually use up that space until you want to switch the phone for another one.

The basic truth is that people who use Iphones sometimes, have a purpose in mind for the phone when it comes to phone storage. These are people with the intention of designing, editing videos and doing other digital creative things with their phones. It would seem that this was even the main purpose the Iphone was made for. The pun has always been that the phone is a “High Phone” made for professionals.

In comparison to phones that share similar storage space, the argument has always been that those phones always crash along the way or experience booting and or re-booting issues after a period of one or two years. If it were to be a one-occurrence thing, it would have been better, but there have been so many occurrences that have pointed to how phones with such capacity do not meet the users’ expectations months after they purchase the phone. At the end of the day, such a phone loses its resale value.

This then brings us to one of the things that makes Iphones so expensive. The resale value! Even in 2022, the Iphone 6 still sells for #50,000 – #60,000 in Nigeria. Of course, it’s second hand. But you will be so surprised that the phone still works in good condition and does what you want it to.


For the other group of people who have no intention of using their Iphones for creative purposes like digital illustrations, editing, shooting videos or recording audios, their go-to response is that the phone camera is so sharp that it captures their best moments without filters. Think about it, some iphone cameras are almost as sharp, if not sharper than professional cameras. This goes a long way in explaining why the phone is so expensive. While there are non-Iphones that share the same quality, they are rare. In the case that these Non-Iphones have a good rear camera, the front camera suffers the effect and vice-versa. But with Iphones? You bet you are getting a good camera system!

And are ready to pay for it…

High Functionality

We can never chunk this out. Thanks to its Bionic Chip, there is an endless possibility for an Iphone to function as highly as you want it to because there is an installed chip that drives this performance. The amount of high-end technology that is used to build Iphones makes the phone so expensive, and to an understandable extent.

I mean we all want phones that function efficiently. So why not pay for it?

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