New Apple Update Makes Avatars Look Even Better

On Thursday, Apple released VisionOS 1.1, which features improved personas for users. In particular, the new update improves hair and makeup appearance, neck and mouth representation, and rendering of the eyes for EyeSight, which lets others see your eyes while wearing the headset. The new version makes the avatars you create look more realistic.

Some other cool new features:

  • You can now set up your avatar without having to hold the headset. Just go to Settings and select “Hands-free Capture”.
  • Companies can better manage all the headsets their employees use. IT admins can install apps and wipe devices remotely.
  • Little improvements like being able to delete pre-installed apps and connect easier to Mac computers.
  • The virtual keyboard works better when you type.
  • Closed captions are improved when watching videos.

More apps are available too – over 1,000 now on the App Store for VisionOS. Developers are making more programs that take advantage of the headset.

The updated version makes the avatars feel more like you. And companies have an easier time keeping all their headsets running the same apps. Overall, this should be a nice quality-of-life update for both regular users and businesses using Apple’s virtual reality technology.

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