Maximizing Your New Apple Watch Experience

You can get the most out of your new Apple Watch if you just unwrapped one this holiday season. Here are some tips on our favorite Apple Watch features for health, activity, customization, and more.

Setting Up Activity Rings
The activity rings are a great way to track your daily moves, workouts, and standing with the red, green, and blue rings. You can adjust the goals for the green exercise and blue stand rings to match your fitness level. Change your goals in the Activity app at any time.

Customizing Your Watch Face
The watch face is what you see first on your Apple Watch. You can pick different watch faces from the Watch app on your phone. Add details like weather, heart rate,,,, or steps to the watch face. Switch between faces,,, depending on your plans for the day.

Exploring Apple Watch Apps
You can find apps made just for the Apple Watch in the App Store on your watch. No need for your phone! Download new apps like fitness trackers or games to use on your wrist.

Sharing Your Progress
Motivate friends and family by sharing your activity stats. Invite friends from the Fitness app on your phone. See their workouts and cheer each other on towards your goals.

Monitoring Your Health
The Apple Watch can keep an eye on your health with features like Fall Detection and irregular heartbeat alerts. Learn how to set up these safety features in the Watch app on your phone.

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