Is Gemini Just Repeating Google’s Mistakes?

When I use Gemini on my phone, it reminds me of another Google product that wasn’t very helpful at first. Gemini still needs more abilities to truly replace the Google Assistant.

Gemini vs. Assistant
Right now, setting Gemini as your default assistant on Android doesn’t do much. You can’t use voice commands or control smart home devices with it like the Assistant.

When I ask questions, Gemini gives good answers but can’t perform actions in the real world. The Assistant can look up answers online too, plus things like setting reminders or playing music.

Remember When…
This reminds me of Google’s messaging apps! For a long time, they weren’t as full-featured as WhatsApp or iMessage. Google Duo was missing call features and Android Messages lacked chat features.

But recently Google has been adding all the missing pieces. Now their messaging apps finally compete with others. I’m hopeful Gemini will follow the same path over time.

Room for Improvement
To become a true Assistant alternative, Gemini needs more abilities to interact with my devices and digital life. Integrating with calendars, maps, and smart home gear is key.

Voice control would also make it really convenient to use hands-free in the car or home. I hope future updates start giving Gemini real assistant skills.

With continued work, maybe Gemini can evolve past just being a chatbot. Don’t make the same old mistakes – add features to make the assistant experience as full as competitors. Our digital helpers should seamlessly enhance our daily lives!

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