What’s The Difference Between The Two Gemini Apps?

This week, Google launched Gemini, a new AI experience that will replace Assistant for many users. When you enable Gemini on your Android device, you might find that you have two Gemini apps. I’ll explain why.

You’re probably wondering – if Google launched just one new Gemini app, then why do I see two apps with the Gemini name on my phone now? Well, it’s actually not as confusing as it seems.

The two Gemini apps do similar things by letting you talk to an AI, but they have small differences in how they work. One app is called “Gemini” and the other is called “Gemini Go”.

The regular Gemini app is designed to be the main app you use for chatting with Gemini. It has all the features like setting preferences, reviewing chat history, and accessing different Gemini skills.

The Gemini Go app is a smaller, lighter version that is meant for quick conversations without all the extra stuff. It opens really fast so you can quickly ask Gemini a question on the go. But you can’t change settings or look at old chats in Gemini Go.

So in summary, use the regular Gemini app for your main chats and customizing your experience. Use Gemini Go when you need a fast answer without opening the bigger app. Now you know the simple difference between the two Gemini apps on your phone!

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