Which Chatbot is Smarter? Gemini vs ChatGPT

For a long time, Google’s chatbots weren’t as good as others like ChatGPT. But now they have a new chatbot called Gemini you can use on Android phones and more. It answers questions and makes pictures too.

Gemini lets you chat with it free or pay more for better features. ChatGPT also has a free version and one you pay for. So can Gemini finally be better than other chatbots? Or is ChatGPT still the top dog? Let’s compare these two chatbots head to head!

The Quick Summary

  • Gemini uses Google’s own AI but ChatGPT relies on OpenAI’s AI systems
  • Gemini works right on Android phones but ChatGPT’s app isn’t as handy
  • Both can make pics but only Gemini lets you upload for free
  • ChatGPT doesn’t know recent events but Gemini can search online
  • ChatGPT’s app lets you talk back and forth but Gemini’s voice isn’t there yet

Testing Coding Skills
First, I asked the chatbots to make a simple website that shows stock prices. ChatGPT did it perfectly the first try while Gemini didn’t work at all!

Then I gave them working code to modify – both made decent sites but I had to fix ChatGPT a little. Gemini admitted copying from someone else online which is okay as long as it doesn’t copy completely.

Using Google Tools
Gemini works really well with Google apps like Gmail. I asked it to find how much I spent on food deliveries this year using my emails! It listed the costs and made a chart for me in Sheets. ChatGPT can’t do anything that smooth with other apps.

Which Paid Version is Best?
Both have a $20/month version but Gemini gives you Google software perks too. It’s also easier to try for free first before paying. However, ChatGPT 4 may be smarter as it can search more than Gemini Ultra.

So in the end, Gemini is better if you use Android a lot. ChatGPT has the edge if you want voice chat or free artwork help. Overall they seem equally smart! Choose based on your needs.

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