A Simple Guide to Using Google Maps Seamlessly on the Road

There is no doubt that Google Maps is one of the most widely used services in the world today. It’s an incredibly user-friendly tool that is quick and easy to use. From calculating the distance between two locations to giving directions to drivers, bikers, walkers, and public transportation users, it helps users in many ways.

Google Maps makes our lives much easier. It’s hard to imagine life without it now. Here are simple steps to use Google Maps:

  1. Open the Google Maps App

You can find the app easily on your phone or computer. Just search for “Google Maps” and click or tap to open.

  1. Search for a Place or Tap on the Map

Use the search bar at the top to find an address or location. Or simply tap on the map to select a place.

  1. Choose Your Route

Tap the directions button at the bottom right. Select if you will drive, take public transport, walk or cycle to your destination.

  1. Add Multiple Destinations (if needed)

To add multiple stops to your trip, tap the three dots at the top right and select “Add Stop”.

Tap “Choose destination” again to insert another address.

  1. Select Route and Start Navigation

Maps will show route options in gray. Choose one and tap “Start” for turn-by-turn directions.

  1. Adjust Volume and Hear Directions

Tap the three dots and go to Settings if you want to change voice guidance volume.

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