iPhone 16 Displays May Disappoint Fans Again

iPhone 16 Displays May Disappoint Fans Again

Despite Apple’s efforts to keep the refresh rate on its non-Pro iPhones up to date, the refresh rate remains stuck at 60Hz. Since the Razr phone flipped that switch in 2017, Android devices haven’t looked back. All Android flagships now feature 120Hz displays, but Apple’s ultra-premium iPhone 15 and 15 Plus still have 60Hz displays. Next year doesn’t look promising for Apple fans.

A source has shared details about the iPhone 16 lineup screens. The basic iPhone 16 and larger iPhone 16 Plus may keep the 60Hz displays from this year’s iPhone 15 phones. One analyst had said before that Apple would wait until 2025 to bring 120Hz to standard iPhones. So if you want one of the cheaper non-Pro iPhones next fall but want a screen with a faster refresh, you’ll need to hold off for another year until the iPhone 17.

The source also revealed the rumored sizes for the iPhone 16 screens. The regular model may have a 6.12-inch screen like this year, while the Plus could grow to 6.69 inches. However, the premium iPhone 16 Pro and largest Pro Max are tipped to get slightly larger displays at 6.27 inches and 6.69 inches that can show 120 images per second. All iPhone 16 phones may copy the cut-out “Dynamic Island” feature from the iPhone 14 Pros.

In short, those looking to upgrade their regular iPhone next year but hoping for a screen with a higher refresh rate than 60Hz may end up disappointed again if this speculation is accurate. Apple fans will have to wait patiently for future iPhone models to catch up on this feature that Android flagship phones have had for years now.

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