The New Google Maps Updates for 2023

Google Maps Update for July 2023

Google recently announce that it will be dicontining some two big Maps standalone products this year. The products that Google will be discontinuing are Google Street Views and Photo Paths.

While the features of Street Views will remain in the Google Maps app, the standalone version will be removed from both Android and iOS stores in Q1 of 2023.

People will still be able to contribute to Street View through the desktop studio known as Street View Studio.

It is also important to note that Photo Paths is most likely going to be gone for good except google intends to integrate it to the main Google Maps app in the future. This is most likely as a result of the downsizing the major tech companies are going through and if that is the case, we can expect even more apps that have duplicated uses or service the same ecosystem to be merged over the cause of the year.

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