Getting Scared Anywhere: iPhone 15 Pro Gets Resident Evil Village

At Apple’s recent iPhone event, they showed off how powerful the new iPhone 15 Pro is for gaming. A few big games, like The Division and Genshin Impact, were played. Near the end, a man from video game company Capcom said two Resident Evil games would come to the iPhone too.

One of those games is Resident Evil Village. Now we have some new details on when it will be available and how much it will cost on Apple’s phone.

It looks like Village will cost $19.99 or £16.99 when it launches for the iPhone in January 2023. That’s the same price it has on other platforms like Xbox and PlayStation. At least for the first month, though, it will be 25% off at only $14.99 if you pre-order the game before release day.

As for when exactly in January we can start playing, the rumor is January 20th. This lines up with past Resident Evil releases on mobile, which typically happen around 3 years after their console or PC debut. Village first came out in May 2021, so January 2023 would be the usual 3-year window.

All signs point to Resident Evil Village being a high-quality premium port optimized for iPhone 15 Pro’s powerful specs. With Nintendo Switch-level graphics at a fair $19.99 price, horror fans won’t want to miss out on this iconic game on their phone early next year!

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