DOOGEE X5 Pro Smartphone Review

I keep getting fascinated by the DOOGEE brand as each day goes by simply because it’s a brand that ensures that users are able to enjoy every penny that they spend on their devices. The X5 is not any different and might be the best deal you can get under $80
Because of its pricing, the best DOOGEE could offer was a stylish minimalist design with a white and black body that will always blend with the young and old, male and female. The skin of the phone is made from polycarbonate and then coated in rubber paint to help give the phone a firm and comfortable grip while reducing the effect of a drop and with anti-scratch properties.
The power and volume buttons are at the top right side of the phone with the power button just under the volume button. The battery is the removable type while the sim slots and the microSD slots are just next to each other.
The phone is with a 5.0″ screen and at a resolution of 1280×720, the you get a rich enough viewing experience.
I’m unable to get the PPI or contrast ratio of the device at present but one thing I do know is that you fill find playing games such as Candy Crush, Subway Surfers and Ruzzle somewhat interesting on this DOOGEE X5 Smart Phone.
Hardware and Storage
It is powered by a 64 bit MTK6735 quad core processor and a Mali-T720 GPU to ensure fast operation and fast video rendering while the 2GB ram helps to ensure that there is smooth operation of device and minimum level of lag.
There is 16GB of internal memory as well as room for up to 32GB in expandable memory. You can enjoy your music and videos to a very large extent.
The battery capacity of 2400mAh is adequate for the needs of the phone. There is space for dual micro sim and the sim can navigate on 2G to 4G terrains meaning you can enjoy great internet surfing and video streaming speeds. 
Camera and OS
The back camera is at 5.0MP and can be interpolated to 8.0MP while the front camera is at 2.0MP and can be interpolated to 5.0MP I still believe they could have done better in this area but I guess it’s still a pretty good deal given the price as the purpose of every business is to make customers as well as profit.
The phone ships with Android 5.1 and presents a customized UI that targets fast and simple interaction between the device and the user. There is also some skin set (wallpaper with complementing icon sets) to ensure a beautiful user experience.
Add Ons
Due to the design of the phone, it has an independent sound cavity that is airtight and ensures that sound is more concentrated and powerful.
The smart gestures also ensures that you can quickly take some actions by drawing some gestures on the screen like “C” for opening the camera.
Douple Tapping will wake the phone.
On Point Rating
The phone presents a very good value for money and as such I will give it a 10.9
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