Get Ready for Google Assistant’s Upgrade!

Get Ready for Google Assistant's Upgrade!

Google said they would combine Assistant and Bard at their Pixel event. Now we’re seeing what the new Assistant may be like.

Programmers found some code hints in the Google app beta version. It looks like the app is preparing for Bard to join Assistant. They saw intro screens that said, “Explore, Understand, Create.” These let you learn more about the new features. Right now it’s not fully working though.

The new Assistant will likely come first on the Pixel 8 phone. That’s because it has special AI abilities right now. All the chat options in Bard online will probably be in the app too.

Google will even change the Assistant’s icon to match Bard’s star logo. Testers saw a message saying “Upgrade to the new Assistant powered by Bard.” It had a button to “Try it Now.”

Google said the upgraded Assistant will be on Android and Apple phones. You’ll control it by talking, typing or uploading photos. A small group will get to try it out soon. Then everyone else will get it in the next few months!

Are you excited about the new powers of Google Assistant? It looks like Bard will make conversations more natural. Stay tuned for when the upgrade arrives on your device!

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