Bisola Aiyeola averaged 1k viewers on her Instagram live video

Bisola Aiyeola

Bisola Aiyeola, the first runner up of Big Brother Nigeria 2017, was live on her Instagram account some minutes ago and was able to average about 1000 views per time with people coming in and out of the live stream.

The live stream audience sometimes dipped to about 800 people while it peaked at some point at about 1300 viewers.

From the statistics of the stream, I would think that she would make a really good reality TV star because she seemed so open and down to heart, showing so much love to her fans by reading out comments and replying them.

She was flanked by some other two ladies during the live stream and I am not certain that I was able to pick out their names but I guess I heard Bimbo and Adun at some point.

The live stream was set in a bedroom that belonged to Bimbo because I could hear Bisola saying that Bimbo was so neat that she wouldn’t let her sleep on the bed except she cleaned off her make-up.

Bisola definitely has a good number of loyal fans because I can say for a truth that I had never seen an Instagram video peak at 1300 viewers ever since I have been sneaking in and of IG live streams.

Bisola definitely enjoyed the live stream but couldn’t really answer requests asking her to sing because she said she had lost her voice.

The only set of people who seemed to turn Bisola off were those who were asking her to show off her underwear which she replied “Go and look under bridge” Haha.

I couldn’t have grasped the whole moment but the purpose of this post is just to present an overview of how Bisola averaged 1k viewers on her Instagram live video.

Bisola was also able to explain that she had some productions showing on Iroko TV and had some others that are in the works while also stating that she had not been stalking Efe around and rather they had been running into each other at public shows and that’s so logical.

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