Humane Officially Launches Their Helpful AI Projector Pin

Humane cofounder Imran Chaudhri gave a TED Talk in April to showcase his startup’s first product – a wearable AI projector pin similar to ChatGPT. With the launch of AI Pin, the company has officially launched the AI-powered device.

The AI Pin is a small square device that uses magnets to attach to your clothes. It has a touchpad, camera, and tiny projector. The processor inside is a Snapdragon, which will run the OpenAI-powered virtual assistant.

You control the AI Pin by tapping or swiping on the touchpad. A green light comes on when the camera is in use so others know. Pictures and video can be taken, but need a software update first.

Through its operating system called Cosmos, the pin can answer questions using tools like messaging, translation, and note-taking. It automatically chooses the best way to help without downloading separate apps.

The AI Pin will cost $699 and requires a $24 monthly subscription on T-Mobile’s network for calls, texts and data. Pre-orders start on November 16th with shipping in early 2024.

This all-in-one helper runs on your body without a phone. With access to various assistants through one small pin, the Humane AI Pin could be a handy gadget for staying connected on the go.

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