YouTube Makes Video Watching Easier on Your TV

YouTube knows that watching videos on your big TV can be tough. It’s not as easy to skip around like you can on a phone or tablet. That’s why they’re adding a new feature to help you find the best parts quickly.

Very soon, YouTube will put smart markers on the video timelines you see on your TV app. These markers will be at the important or interesting moments the YouTube robots think viewers will want to see. When you’re watching a video, you’ll be able to see screenshots of each section along with a short caption. Then you can easily scroll between them with your remote to skip to what looks good.

This should help you avoid having to guess where in the long video bars is interesting. It’s also helpful if the video creator didn’t already add their own chapter markers. The YouTube robots will add them automatically whether chapters were added or not.

YouTube knows watching on the big screen is popular. People like relaxing on their couch while browsing videos. This new feature aims to provide a better TV experience when you don’t have the controls of a mobile device. YouTube hopes these auto-generated recaps will let viewers get straight to the good stuff with only their remote.

The change is coming soon to the YouTube TV app worldwide. So next time you want to casually watch videos on the largest screen in your home, let the markers be your guide to the best bits. YouTube is making it simpler than ever to leisurely enjoy video content from the comfort of your couch.

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