Making STEM Easy on TikTok

TikTok wants to make learning science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fun on your big-screen TV. Unlike smartphones and tablets, TVs don’t have touch screens so using a remote can feel tricky. TikTok’s new ‘STEM feed’ is aimed at helping kids and teens easily explore STEM from their couch.

The STEM feed collects video clips about STEM topics in one place. It first started in America last year and is now coming to more countries in Europe. Users under 18 in the UK and Ireland will see the STEM feed alongside the regular video feeds. Older users can turn it on themselves in the app settings. The feed only shows English videos but adds subtitles so content is accessible worldwide.

Since launching in the US, a third of teenage users visit the STEM feed each week. One in three people who see it keep it switched on. TikTok saw a 24% rise in STEM videos being shared too. In total, almost 15 million STEM videos have been posted on TikTok globally over the past three years.

To make sure the STEM feed stays safe and educational, TikTok is working with two organizations. Common Sense Networks reviews all clips to make sure they are right for kids. Poynter checks that scientific facts are reported accurately too. Videos that don’t pass aren’t allowed in the special STEM section.

The new feed helps TikTok defend itself against criticism. Some worry the app can expose young people to inappropriate or addictive content. Promoting learning is a way TikTok shows it wants to help, not harm, teenagers exploring the platform. With this update, TikTok aims to become parents’ first choice for fun, safe STEM discovery on the big screen.

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