Kanye West set to acquire Parler

Kanye West set to acquire Parler
Source :: CNN

Award-winning rapper, Kanye West, is set to acquire Parler after initial agreements have been reached. The motivation for this is to further push the concept of free speech, especially for those with conservative opinions.

In the agreement, Kanye will fully own parler and continue to receive technical support from Parlement Technologies.

This move means that Kanye will join Donald Trump as the second presidential candidate at the last conducted U.S. polls who own their own social media platform after condemning other popular platforms for censoring conservative opinions.

At the moment, Parler has just over 250,000 monthly active users on mobile. This data was shared to TechCrunch by an industry executive and is according to Sensor Tower.

We are also excited with this development mostly because we strongly believe allowing everyone to speak their mind openly will help us understand many more opinions as well as help us better understand the various types of people that are in the world to day as well as help us get an insight into their thought process which might help in law enforcement, product research as well as marketing research.

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