The New Google Maps Updates for July 2023

Google Maps Update for July 2023

Google on Wednesday (July 27) announced three additions to its popular GPS navigation app. The first was teased at Google I/O 2022: 3D aerial views of over 100 famous landmarks from around the world. New York, Tokyo, and Barcelona are just a few cities that support this. Google says you can find these features by searching for the relevant landmark and looking at the “Photos” section of the menu.

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Perhaps a more practical use would be some of the more nuanced bits of information that Google will add to a cyclist’s navigation directions. According to Google, cycling directions will now alert users to things like car traffic and stairs. It’s not a breakthrough improvement, but those things could ruin one cyclist’s day, so it will be a great addition for most cyclists.

Finally, and perhaps most interestingly, Google is adding some new social features to Maps. If a friend chooses to share their location with you, you will be able to receive notifications when they arrive and leave a specific location. The idea is to make it easier to coordinate large meetings, events, or travel – don’t panic when your friends forget to text you. For the privacy-conscious. Google says anyone who shares their location with a friend will receive regular push notifications letting them know this is happening in case they want to opt out.

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