Roku Transcends to a Smart Home Technology Company

Roku, the company behind popular TV streaming stick with the same name, has transcended to become a smart home technology company. Before now, Roku has been popularly known as one of the most used TV streaming devices, with the Fire Stick from Amazon being their main competitor.

Roku has recently announced that they will be launching a new set of affordable products that will help convert your home into a smart one. The list of the new products include the following:

  • Floodlight cameras
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • 360-degree indoor camera
  • Video doorbell and chime
  • Smart bulbs (white and color)
  • Smart light strips
  • Indoor and outdoor smart plugs

As expected, these new gadgets would sync with their TV OS and this means that the gadgets will be able to be controllale using the voice command of the Roku Remote and you’ll be able to stream the cameras on your Roku device-enabled TV.

Walmart will be exclusively selling the new Roku Smart gadgets, since Roku has signed a partnership agreement with them. You can also shop some of these gadgets on Roku’s website and Walmart’s website.

Pricing for the cheapest gadgets on the list include the smart plug that starts at $$13.99 and the smart lights that start at $17.99.

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