Careers to Choose in the Tech World

Careers to Choose in the Tech World
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The Tech World is becoming a whole world on its own. While industries like Entertainment and Football have always enjoyed an amount of attention and respect, it would seem the tech world is catching on even in African countries. Here is a list of careers to choose in the Tech world and why you should consider choosing these careers.

In fact, you will find that a few of these careers do not have to do with anything too technical or involve actual coding or any coding at all

Data Science

So many publications have dubbed this job in technology as the “Sexiest job in the 21st century” and they may not have been wrong to do that. The job comes with its many tools and likely challenges, but it is intriguing and a polished up work in the world of technology.

Data Scientists have the job of analyzing data and forming conclusions based on the data they analyze. The conclusions they form are meant to offer a solution or provide some knowledge about a situation or whatever is being analyzed.

A lot of people compare and try to sort out the difference between Data Science and Data Analysis. The difference is in the process rather than in scope. Data scientists do Data analysis. This infers that Data analysis is part of Data Science- like a branch. Meanwhile, it would be safe to call those who analyze Data alone as Data Analysts if that particular aspect of Data Science is where their proficiency lies.

SEO Writing/Consulting

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and the study of it is meant to produce an insight that can predict the behavior of search engines in favor of a result on Search Engine result pages. Most of the time, SEO might require basic coding knowledge like JavaScript. But other times it does not.

SEO writing is one of the easiest jobs in the tech world because its technicalities are simplified with easy-to-learn processes. People who do SEO writing might need to focus mainly on On-page SEO, which is the least technical bit of the job. All they need to ensure is that every page they produce to be indexed by search engines is fully optimized i.e. match the requirements of what could easily rank. Off-page SEO is where things can get tricky a bit because it involves the process of link building off the website.

SEO Consultants and writers earn a lot on their job depending on how important the pages they index are and how important the organizations they work for are. Generally, it is a high paying job.

Software Developer

This is the first full-on coding and programming job in the world of technology that we have on this list. It is also one of the highest-paying careers in technology. Basically, Software Developers code; they build, program and develop software and applications based on what they want the application to do and how the application should behave.

Meanwhile, their job is not done there. They have to make sure that they cry out a “diagnosis” of the software created from time to time to see how they can improve the software or how the software behaves from time to time. It’s called “Uptime Monitoring”

Software developers use programming tools like Code Editors, Github, Atom, etc. and must have basic knowledge of JavaScript and CSS.

Meanwhile, there is a difference between Software Developers and Software Engineers. Software developers work on specified programs while Software Engineers operate on a much larger scale and develop entire application software.

Web Developer

Unlike most tech jobs that involve coding, the job description of a Web Developer is pretty simple. They have to build websites from their ground up and ensure that such a website functions and performs as best as it possibly could.

A Web developer is almost always a web designer. However, there are some who specify in Web Design alone. These people are usually into Web Developing also but have decided to make web design their expertise. Although, it is expected that Web Developers are supposed to design the website they create since they program the “feel ” and the “look” based on the owner’s wish.

While both jobs are interwoven and mostly dependent on each other, there is a distinct difference between Web Designers and Web Developers.

User Experience Design

User Experience Designers have been trained majorly for one job- to find a way that will make users happy or comfortable with a program i.e. a website, an app or a software anytime they use it. The reason for this is not far-fetched. The more convenient and high-tech but relatable an app is, the more users will gravitate towards the use of such an app thereby increasing the number of its users in the world.

If the opposite is the case, then the bounce rate of users will be high because the User Experience is a mess. Apps like Twitter, despite their seemingly good interface, are always looking for ways to make sure that the user experience gets better. This they do with the introduction of new updates and how the users find the updates.

As a User Experience Designer, this will be your major job.

Product Manager

Anytime people come across this as a job description, they majorly scrunch up their faces in confusion that “What does that mean and why does it sound like a job that does nothing but earns more?” Product Management sounds pretty simple and less technical to anyone. You… Manage the product, right?

Well, it is deeper than you think, product managers have to monitor the market consistently and see how their products behave in the market and the level of relevance of their product in the market currently and in the future. This means they have to come up with defining future goals for the products as well as ways to make the product even better and stay relevant while competing against other similar products. .

A Product Manager has to align stakeholders/investors with the vision of the product as this is the only thing that will make them take an interest in the product. Apps like Facebook were managed by someone and are still managed by a lot of product managers till date.

Meanwhile, there is a difference between a Product manager and a Product designer/developer. A Product developer creates the product while the product designer designs the product as instructed to and as he sees fit, it is the job of the Product manager to bring into fruition the works of the Product Developer and the Product Designer

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