OPPO’s Find X7 Pro: What to Expect from This 2024 Flagship

OPPO's Find X7 Pro- What to Expect from This 2024 Flagship

With cutting-edge chipsets, excellent screens, and great cameras, OPPO’s Find X series are among the best Android phones available. Despite being expensive, these phones stand out thanks to some exquisite designs. In early 2023, OPPO launched the Find X6 Pro exclusively in China, but we expect the Find X7 Pro to launch in 2024. But what can we expect from this device? Here’s everything we know so far about the OPPO Find X7 Pro.

Will There Be a Find X7 Pro?
All signs point to yes! OPPO has released new Find X Pro models each year since 2020. Their release schedule is usually around February-March too. So while the Find X6 Pro was only in China, a Find X7 Pro global launch in early 2024 seems very likely.

Release Date
Based on past phones, the Find X7 Pro will most likely release in February or March 2024. However, the Find X6 Pro wasn’t sold outside China due to legal issues. So the release plan may depend on whether OPPO resolves this.

Specs and Features
It will likely have Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip and a 2K curved screen. Rumors suggest a periscope camera, and 50W wireless charging too. The design may have an “ultra-narrow” curved display for comfort. Water resistance is expected too.

Camera and Battery
Leakers claim a 50MP main camera from Samsung, a 32MP selfie cam, and tele/ultra-wide from another top brand. The large battery will hopefully charge faster on standard chargers.

Price and Availability
Past models cost over $1000 usually. A global launch is hoped for but not guaranteed after the Find X6 Pro’s China-only sale.

Should You Wait?
Unless you’re willing to import, it’s safer to choose other 2021/2022 flagships given launch uncertainty. But if it does come globally, the Find X7 Pro promises another top-tier OPPO smartphone!

This breakdown simplifies the Find X7 Pro rumors for those curious about OPPO’s upcoming premium package. With any luck, it may impress globally next year!

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