Should I buy Oppo Reno 3 Pro

Oppo Reno 3 Pro

The Oppo Reno 3 Pro is one of the successors to the Oppo Reno 2, which is a very interesting device used by several people. The new Reno 3 Pro comes with a dual front-facing camera. The dual front cameras are set up in the trendy wide punch-hole cut-out. The Reno 3 Pro is one of 3 among the new Reno Series for the year 2020. In addition to the Oppo Reno 3 Pro, we’ve got the Oppo Reno 3 Pro 5G identified by its singular punch-hole cut-out. The Reno 3 is the third in the 2020 Reno trio, and the smartphone has a waterdrop notch camera going for it.

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, the product did not have a proper launch but we will inform you as much as we can to help you decide if the Reno 3 Pro is the product for you.

The device comes with a 30W Vooc, 4.0 fast charger with a green accent on the port, and a USB cable also with a green accent. Oppo was also generous to give you headphones with green accents. The green accents are not a new look with Oppo products but they look lovely with the way they were well incorporated into the accessories.

The Reno 3 has a 44 Megapixel dual punch-hole front camera, 64MP Quad rear camera with 20X Zoom, Ultra clear 108Mo Image, 6.4 inch Super AMOLED Screen. As far as colours, the phone comes in Aurora Blue, Sky White and a Midnight Black. The Black version is our favourite because it looks really elegant, and the black does not look like any kind of black. The Reno 3 will take approximately 1 minute and 30 seconds to be fully set-up without any additional setting put in place.

The Reno 3 Pro comes with the Colour OS 7 based on Android 10. The punch-hole style display with the cameras is more prominent when the device is turned on. It is very similar to what we saw on the Samsung S10 plus flagship device, the only difference is that the Reno 3 Pro has the punch-hole style on the opposite side of the screen. If you ask us, this looks more preferable to a notch.

The screen has a Gorilla Glass 5 protection and the phone is light, as far as the build quality goes. The Reno 3 Pro weighs 175 grams as displayed on Oppo’s website. When you add the default case that comes in the Product box the weight gets up to 194 grams, which is still not heavy as smartphones go. The plastic back of the phone is responsible for the lightweight the phone possesses. The phone has a Dual-SIM offering and you can house a Micro SD card in addition to the 2 SIM cards.

The back of the Reno 3 has a 2020 style camera array where it’s a wider rectangle housing that protrudes with all the back camera elements in, and the Oppo branding beneath. The Reno 3 Pro is unlike the Reno 3, which has the flash separate from the raised section. The front camera is a 44-megapixel selfie camera with 2MP depth sensor. Structurally, it is different from the Reno 2’s shark fin style.

For a price of 430 dollars, this device on the outside looks appealing but we are not sure about what it offers inside as regards the specifications offered. The 6.4-inch screen display offers a Super AMOLED display, 87.4% screen to body ratio with a display of 1080 x 2400. The screen also has a Pixel Per Inch of 405, which is quite high. With the resolution and PPI offered, the Reno 3 Pro seems pretty sharp when you are streaming YouTube videos and Netflix at 1080p. There is no HDR on the device, which is a shortfall, but it does hold its weight when you look at the many of the available midranges. Surprisingly, the punch-hole does not bother or distract viewing when movies and other videos wrap around it.

The Reno 3 also comes with a Dark Mode, which works across the board, thanks to the colour OS 7. This mode works with all 200 of the most used apps in the Google PlayStore. Oppo provides you with a generous 256GB of storage and a generous 8GB RAM. There is also a 128GB ROM, 8GB RAM version.

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Should I buy Oppo Reno 3?

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