YouTube Music is testing a new way to cast on Android phones

YouTube Music is always trying to improve the app. Right now, they are testing changes to how you connect your phone to other devices, like TVs.

The menu that shows options like “share” and “download” has been updated. It looks nicer. They are also working on a new “bottom sheet”. This is a panel that slides up from the bottom of the screen with casting options.

Before, there was just a box that said “Cast to a device”. Now there is a sheet with rounded corners. It lists nearby devices first under “Suggested”. Then it shows all other available devices. This new design takes up less room on the screen. It is similar to how casting works in the YouTube app.

When you are already casting your music, the new sheet only has a volume slider. It no longer shows the album art repeatedly. This cleans it up since you can see the playback controls above it. The buttons to play/pause have also been removed to simplify it.

The new design is more modern. It matches how the casting button was moved last year to always be visible while music plays. Google wants the casting icon to be easier to find. This update should make connecting to your TV or speakers feeling nicer.

For now, only some people can see these changes being tested. The new menus may not be ready for everyone yet. YouTube Music is constantly improving to make enjoying music on any device as easy as possible.

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