Nothing Phone Gets Blue Bubbles With iMessage Support

Nothing Phone Gets Blue Bubbles With iMessage Support

There are now blue bubbles for Nothing Phone 2 owners. As part of its latest phone, the company has added iMessage through a new app called “Nothing Chats” that runs on Sunbird’s messaging platform. Starting Friday, November 17th, users in North America, the EU, and other European countries will be able to use the feature.

The Nothing Phone 2 can now send messages to iPhones using iMessage. Nothing made an app called “Nothing Chats” that connects to iMessage through a company called Sunbird. Now people with Nothing Phones can send blue text messages to friends with iPhones.

Nothing wants everyone to be able to message each other easily. They don’t like how some phones can’t send texts to iPhones. Nothing Chats hopes to fix that. But it means trusting Sunbird with your Apple ID info.

Sunbird says it deletes the info after two weeks if you don’t use it. You have to sign into your iCloud account on their computers to make it work. Popular YouTuber Marques Brownlee tested it and confirmed this is how it connects to send messages.

Early reviews say Nothing Chats works ok most of the time. You miss out on some iMessage features though, like editing messages after sending. Reacting to messages with emojis doesn’t work perfectly yet either. Group messages with iPhones and Nothing Phones together can occasionally not go through.

Nothing Chats does supports regular SMS messaging. So group texts should work normally. You can also see when others are typing, like in iMessage. And send high-quality photos and videos between the phones. Nothing hopes to add read receipts and reaction features soon.

Normally people have to wait a long time for Sunbird. But for now, only Nothing Phone 2 owners can access it right away. This could let a lot more Android users experience messaging with iPhones. Let’s see if Apple has any issues with the new iMessage feature on Android phones.

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