New Ways To Use Google Classroom On Your Chromebook

At Bett 2024, Google announced the latest Workspace education features, including a new Chromebook Classroom integration. This will make it easier for students to keep track of homework and access Classroom features right from their Chromebooks.

Soon, students will see upcoming assignments on their Chromebook shelf calendar when clicking the date. A new Classroom widget will also show tasks that are due soon, have no due date, are missing, or have been completed. Tapping an assignment instantly opens it for work.

Reading mode on Chromebooks is getting improvements too. In the next year, it will add optical character recognition to select text, text-to-speech reading out loud, and focus on one line at a time. Google is also updating its typing voices to sound more natural in the coming months.

Teachers will enjoy a new Resources tab to create, manage and share lessons with practice activities, videos and more. They can easily plan classes by sharing templates and assignments between Classroom and Chromebooks.

Artificial intelligence will aid teaching with suggested video questions and drafting lesson plans, images and projects directly in Docs, Slides and Sheets. By the end of the year, teachers can customize Classrooms with student groups for individual assignments.

Now with Chromebooks tightly integrated into Google Classroom, students can get homework help directly on their laptops for a more productive learning experience. Educators also benefit from simplified planning and teaching tools designed for the digital classroom.

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