Lenovo K3 Note Review

When a Smartphone battery hits the 3000mAh battery mark, it catches my attention. The Lenovo K3 note did hit this mark and yes, it caught my attention. So now, let’s dig in and look at the details of this classy phone.


 This phone is at 5.5″ and gives a full HD resolution at 1920×1080 and a 401 PPI meaning that you get more than 2 million pixels of details to enjoy on this gorgeous device. This only means one thing. The screen is something to fall in love with!


I might not have been too vocal on audio of phones but that doesn’t mean I am not crazy about a dope sound. The K3 note delivers an immersive audio experience in Dolby Atmos. Believe me, either you are watching a movie or listening to music, you will enjoy your sound but for optimal use, get a really good earpiece so that you will be intrigued by the quality of the audio.

Hardware and Storage

The specs of Phones and Tablets are already closing up with laptops and at 2GB ram and a 64-bit Octa Core processor (ARM Cortex-A53), you would definitely agree with me that the Lenovo K3 is a device that my home people will refer to as on-point.

It has a 16GB storage and there’s room for all the apps you might need and yes, there’s room for an SD card.

Camera and OS

The front camera is an outstanding 13MP with auto-focus as well and dual LED flash as well as a 5MP front camera that will capture all the stunning selfies that you might need.

It records 30fps of Full HD videos and as for the OS, it is powerd by Android 5.1 and believe me, you will get a very smooth and powerful experience.

We know all manufacturers come with their own UI and Lenovo is no different. this phone comes with the VibeUI skin and this means that all your apps will be on the home screen as there’s no dedicated app drawer.

It come with useful apps such as Truecaller and Evernote and the beauty is that most of the preloaded apps can be removed.

Add Ons

The additional features of the phone are great and there is a secure zone that allows you to lock your apps meaning that people will not pry on what you don’t want them to. 

The Power Saver is crazy as it disables every thing asides calls and messages meaning that your standby time can be up to a few days.

SmartScene allows you to define the behavior of your device with respect to audio, and display setting among others.


Like the other phones I’ve been reviewing of late, the K3 Note is also a dual 4G LTE enabled device.

On-Point Rating 

I hereby introduce the on-point rating into my bloging style and it’s a measure of value for money and is calculated by a very complex algorithm that only a Nigerian huslter can understand.

The OPR for this device is 8, The device sells for $159.00

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