Discover Your Next Favorite App or Game in the Chromebook App Mall

Chromebook users will soon have access to a new online ‘App Mall’ to discover their next favorite app or game. The App Mall is being created by Google to make it easier for Chromebook owners to find new apps, games, and programs to download.

Right now, if you have a Chromebook there are a few different places you need to look to find apps. You can get web apps from the internet browser, Android apps from the Google Play Store, and some games from Steam. But these are all in separate places.

The new App Mall website will have apps from all of these places in one spot. It will be easier to explore what your Chromebook can do. Some of the apps you might see are games, creative programs, education apps and more.

The App Mall is not quite ready yet. For now if you type ‘discover.apps.chrome’ into your browser it will say the website is “broken”. But Google is working on it behind the scenes.

They have put a “flag” in the Chromebook software to turn on the Mall early for some people to test. But most users will likely get to access it through the website soon without needing special settings.

The App Mall should make it fun to discover new apps just for Chromebooks. No more hunting around different stores. Let me know in the comments what kind of apps you hope are included!

Are you excited to check out the new Chromebook App Mall once it’s ready? It will make finding programs, games and more much simpler. Discover.apps.chrome is the site to watch for its launch.

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