Check if the Call is Important with Google Assistant

Google Assistant has many helpful features that give it an edge over other assistants. Some are only for Pixel phones, like Call Screen. This lets Google Assistant screen calls so you don’t have to talk to spammers. Now there’s a better way to handle calls from contacts.

With the new update, when someone from your contacts calls, you’ll see an “Ask if urgent” button. Google Assistant will answer the call and politely ask the person if it’s important for you to take the call right now. This is useful if you’re busy but still want to make sure you don’t miss anything crucial.

You saw a preview of this at the Pixel 8 launch. Google started rolling it out recently to Pixel phones, where Call Screen works. Automatic call screening is available on Pixels in places like the US and UK. Other spots can screen calls manually for now.

Being able to find out from contacts if a call needs an immediate response solves an issue with the Call Screen. People don’t want an assistant answering their friends’ calls. This change makes Call Screen on Pixels even more helpful by giving you the flexibility to handle known callers appropriately.

So the next time a contact calls while you’re tied up, let Google Assistant answer for you. A quick question will let you know if taking the call should be a priority or not. It’s a neat addition that improves the Pixel Call Screen’s usefulness further.

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