5 Things You Should Know About Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

When it comes to smartphones, there are some combinations that are almost impossible to find. You will agree with me that it is almost impossible to find a smartphone with great camera, exceptional battery life and a super impressive screen.

It almost feels like the smartphone industry is always looking for ways to ensure that we can never get the best of the best. Today, I will be talking about a phone that is a valid candidate for best phone of the year and yes, it is better and cheaper that the iPhone 14 Pro Max!

Today we will be looking at 5 things you should know about Motorola Edge 30 Ultra.

200MP Camera

The most this Motorola phone comes with a 200 megapixel camera. The highest you would ever see in a phone today. To make matters exciting, they included a 60 megapixel front facing camera, which is. Astounding on many levels. I say this because if you give me a phone with a 60 megapixel back camera, I will definitely jump at it. Now to have a phone with a 60 MP selfie camera, I am sold.

The primary camera is an actual zoom lens. And not a zoom Finder. It is an actual zoom lens and this is probably the first time I will be finding one in a phone ever.


This Motorola phone comes also with high level performance with a Snapdragon 8 processor. A 12 gig camera and a 256 gig storage. I don’t see how you are. You can ever go wrong with this particular specifications.


The display of this phone is set at 144 gigahertz, which will make for. And exceptional display quality than most of what we have in the market right now, including the iPhone 14 that has just launched.


The 4610 mAh battery is equipped with two charging modes. The wired charging at 125 watts and wireless charging at 50 watts.


The price is the most surprising thing when it comes to the phone. This one is available for just less than $900, and at that price. I would rather go for the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra than for the latest iPhone.

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