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Words by Post is a really great game that I do enjoy playing. I started playing it on my Lumia 625 and ever since, a day has never gone by without me playing it. Words by Post is a cross-platform word game and is based on scrabble. It works on Android, iOS and Windows 8+ devices. The screenshot I took is from my Windows 8.1 OS.

This game is a lot different from your regular word game because it uses a scrabble ranking system known as the Elo ranking. This system means that you score higher when you win against someone that is highly ranked and you score drops more when you lose to someone who you are raked higher than.

The game has an average of 4 stars across all platforms and this is because the users/players love it.

On design the game is not the most fanciful around and is just OK but is really simple to use and understand.

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On accuracy, the game is very accurate and I am yet to have any complaint on the usability of the game. However, I remember reading a user review where someone complained that some words are accepted sometimes and not accepted at other time, but that has never been the case with me.

The game is very addictive because of the high level of mystery that comes with it, as only random games get ranked. You never know who it is you are playing with but you do know and feel safe that each game selected for you can be won or lost.

You can also go through your old games and browse through every single step. I must confess however that there are times when I feel the game is against me especially when I see my opponents getting all the high scoring tiles and I’m getting the lower scored tiles.

The game auto-resigns when you have not made a move in the space of five days and automatically crowns the opponent as winner which I think is fair.

If you want to give the game a try, here are the links:

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