HTC One M9 Review

The One M9 by HTC was released April 2015 and boasts of a huge 20.7 MP Camera, 3GB of RAM, 2840 mAh of battery juice and Dolby powered sound engine. 

The most amazing part of the phone is that every one of it was hand finished by craftsmen. The power button is at the right side and to me it’s pretty good especially since it will be easily reached by the thumb however, the fact that it is the same size as the volume buttons.

It has a 5″ screen and possesses a 1080 SuperLCD covered by Gorilla glass. The phone is much more responsive and it is easily noticeable when you slide your finger around it.

The definite trademark BoomSound from HTC has added Dolby support as I said earlier and as you would expect this is more noticeable when you are plugging in  your headphone or auxiliary device.

I believe the 3GB Ram to be excessive for a phone but c’mon, it not just a phone. The phone has two quad-cores but only one set works at a time. However, the metal body does help to disperse any heat that could be generated while using the phone.

On the Battery, I believe that HTC used common sense Than Samsung did on the Galaxy S6 giving a lower pixel count that the S6 and a juicer battery.

The internal memory of 32GB is great as it will mean that you can run your apps on phone memory which of course means a better performance for your apps. You can use a micro SD up to 128GB.

My advice for you if you are going to buy this device is simple. Use SwiftKey Keyboard. You will definitely thank me on this. However, the contacts is really great and I believe most stock phone/contact/messaging apps to be really great. The contacts app can easily link your phone contacts with the appropriate twitter and facebook account.
In summary, remember that the HTC M9 is not the perfect phone, but it is a great phone.
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