Twitter Clients I Will always recommend.

Twitter Clients

These three are the twitter clients I’ll always recommend any day.


the father of them all and google had to remove it from the play store.
But not to worry, go download it from their official site and that
looks like a burden to you, switch to tweetings, its totally free, unlike falcon pro. I tell you the truth pals, I was wrong, It’s now free! So I’ve brought it from number three to number one!

What waitest thou for!
Download from Site

This client is really great. Its fast has its in-built browser and a cool logo.
However, I must say it’s also a bit annoying at times and just acts up choosing not to show DMs ASAP or even send them.

Download from Google Play


This app totally rocks and everything about it is superb. It allows you to choose between breaking or using tweet longer to send your long tweets.
It has really cool sound effects and that’s the wow factor there. It also has an in-built browser and very easy to relate to in terms of UI.

Download from Google Play

Hope you found my review interesting.

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