The Legendary Warrior With Two Weapons: Mastering Yi Sun-shin

The heroic Yi Sun-shin from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a shining example of how to become a legend through adversity. Among the heroes of the Land of Dawn, only a few can match the hero’s versatility. Whether at close range or from a distance, the Paenlong Legend can unleash devastating damage with his glaive and bow. With his polearm and longbow, Yi Sun-shin can fight enemies up close or far away. He is both an assassin and marksman rolled into one flexible fighter.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know to play Yi Sun-shin like a pro. We will go over his skills, the best items to buy, recommended battle spells and emblems, and easy combos. Mastering both his weapons and mobility takes practice, but following this guide will help you dominate the battlefield as the legendary warrior.

Skill One – Traceless: Yi Sun-shin dashes forward with his polearm to deal damage. It also makes him immune to crowd control for a short time. Use this to get away quickly or surprise enemies!

Skill Two – Blood Floods: Swing his polearm up close to hurt enemies, or pull back and fire arrows from a safe distance. Hold the skill longer to power up arrow shots.

Ultimate – Mountain Shocker: Command Yi Sun-shin’s ships to bombard the entire map with cannon fire. This reveals where enemies are hiding and deals damage over time. Great for fights and checking bushes!

For spells, use Retribution to take jungle monsters faster. With Ice, you can slow down escaping enemies too. The Thrill, Seasoned Hunter, and Killing Spree emblems boost your damage and movement.

core items are Hunter’s Strike, War Axe, and Endless Battle. They increase your attack power while also lowering your skill cooldowns. Late-game choices include Winter Truncheon for survivability against mages.

Remember to constantly switch between melee and ranged combat. Lead fights by softening targets with your ultimate before going all in. With the practice of weapon combos and smart positioning, you’ll dominate as the versatile Yi Sun-shin!

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