Microsoft’s New Tool Makes Graphics Look Better in Games

A new Windows API from Microsoft enables game developers to seamlessly integrate super resolution AI upscaling features from Nvidia, AMD, and Intel. In a recent blog post, program manager Joshua Tucker describes Microsoft’s new DirectSR API as the “missing link” between games and super resolution technologies. He says it will provide a “smoother, more efficient experience that scales across hardware.”

DirectSR is a tool that Microsoft created to help game developers improve graphics. It allows one piece of code to turn on technologies like Nvidia DLSS, AMD FSR, and Intel XeSS to make games appear sharper and run better. These technologies use artificial intelligence to enhance resolution and detail without needing a powerful video card.

With DirectSR, developers don’t need to write separate code for each technology. Their game can support all of them with just one line of code. This should make implementations easier and ensure games work well on many different computers and graphics cards.

Microsoft plans to preview DirectSR soon so developers can try it out. In March, they will give a presentation at the Game Developers Conference to demonstrate how it works. Representatives from Nvidia and AMD will also attend to discuss partnering with Microsoft.

The new API could provide players a smoother gaming experience by optimizing graphics performance across hardware. With support from major graphics companies, more games may soon benefit from improved resolution and image quality thanks to Microsoft’s new development tool.

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