Keep Your Chats Secure on All Your WhatsApp Devices

WhatsApp has been making it easier to use their app on multiple devices like your phone, computer and more. Soon they’ll add a new feature that keeps your private chats private no matter what device you use.

Right now you can lock your chats on phones with passwords or fingerprints. But if you look at those same chats on your computer, they won’t be locked. WhatsApp is working on a way to sync your chat locks between all your linked devices.

Once this feature is ready, when you lock a chat on one device like your phone, it will automatically lock on your other devices too. That means computers, phones, tablets – any device linked to your WhatsApp account will have locked chats.

The developers are still working on this new syncing feature. It’s not available for users yet. We’ll have to wait for WhatsApp to finish building it and roll it out to everyone.

Another change WhatsApp is working on is usernames. Soon you may be able to chat with people using a name instead of just a phone number. Many messaging apps like this already. It would make WhatsApp work more like those other popular apps.

This new locked chat sync feature will make WhatsApp even more secure and private whenever you want to chat across multiple devices. Keep an eye out for when WhatsApp adds this helpful update!

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