Facebook Down in its Biggest Outage Ever

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have been hit by a major outage and everyone around the world is talking about this.

When I tried accessing Facebook and Instagram during my regular workflow, I got a DNS Failure error message which means that the service responsible for matching a domain name to the correct resource can’t find that resource.

Usually, these types of error only occur at the server level which in turn means it is either a configuration error or a deliberate effort.

As at the writing of this post, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp has been down for about three hours.

To have an idea of the extent of these outages I have added this screenshot of down detector.

Source: Down Detector

At this point though, it will be better to rethink the issue of being dependent on Facebook for our day to day need for social media. It would be prudent to look at other apps and split our time between them.

I really want to imagine what would happen if Google had a similar outage as Facebook has today where all their services would be not reachable.

I have taken the liberty to recommend some alternatives to Facebook.


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