Cubot X16 Review – Straightforward beauty

The initial interesting thing about the phone is the thickness of it, but when you consider the power and fact that it comes with a 16MP, back camera with a lot of other functionalities including air control, you will agree with me that this is beauty in the electronic form.


The phone is crafted from zinc alloy which has a natural texture as well as a higher strength and wear resistance level than aluminum alloy. All this means one thing, the phone is much better to hold in the hand.
With a weight of 145g and thickness of 6.2mm, it’ll be weird to feel like you are holding something in your hands that will make you feel uncomfortable.
The left side of the phone has the sim door that encloses the dual sim seat while the right side is the home of the volume and power buttons.


The 5.0″ screen is of full high definition resolution and 441 pixels per inch giving it the ability to be able to project up to 16 million colors. The contrast ratio of 1500:1  makes the distinctive nature of colors come to life and make movies and games much more fun to watch and play as the case may be.
The luminance is at 450 cd/㎡ which makes for a great level of brightness and increased visibility in sunlight.

The most fascinating aspect for me when it comes to the display of the Cubot X16 however is the combination of the fact that it has a 90% color range of the NTSC palette and with a viewing angle of 178 degrees which is just two units shy of an insane 180.

Hardware and Storage

This is where it starts to get really interesting if you ask me because when a phone is being powered by an MTK6735A CPU which has a maximum speed of 1.3GHz as a 64-bit oca core you start to get butterflies in the tummy but when you realize that the GPU is the amazing Mali T720 and there’s a 2GB ram as well an internal storage capacity of 16GB with room for expansion, then the butterflies start to fly.

While the RAM has a speed of 800MHz the internal storage has quarter the speed but can read data at speeds of up to 200mbps and can write at a quarter of that.

The battery however is low if you ask me. At 2500mAh, it feels inadequate to be holding a Cubot X16 but don’t be fooled by that, it comes with a rather impressive battery saver that will make the phone usage much better for you.

Camera and OS

The back camera that’s with dual flash, autofocus, and a 16MP sensor was the very first thing that actually intrigued me, to be honest, I mean 16MP on the X16, why won’t I notice that?

The camera is said to have a 5 element accurate lens as well as a stacked graphics sensor that will help ensure a great shot experience.

The front camera on the other hand is a great 8MP and with an angle of 88 degrees.

It comes with the Android 5.1

Add ons

There’s is air control and lots of camera options like the picture in picture that anyone will find interesting.

3.8 rating
Total Score
  • Ease of Use
    4.0 rating
    4/5 Good
  • Design
    4.0 rating
    4/5 Good
  • Functionality
    3.5 rating
    3.5/5 Normal

The Good

  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Camera

The Bad

  • Battery Life
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