CMF by Nothing To Reveal First Devices On September 26th


Carl Pei announced in August that Nothing was launching an affordable sub-brand called CMF by Nothing. Unlike the Nothing Phone 2, these CMF devices will be more budget-friendly options. Now we know that CMF will introduce their first gadgets later this month on September 26th.

Manu Sharma, the Vice President of Nothing India, posted on social media saying CMF will have a product launch event on September 26, 2023. While he didn’t give other details, having the Indian division leader announce it means the event may be focused on the India market.

A few leaks from before gave us hints what CMF could show off. Pictures showed plans for a smartwatch called the Watch Pro, wireless earbuds named Buds Pro, and a 65-watt wall charger.

Especially interesting is their first smartwatch. Called the Watch Pro, it may have a circular screen like an Apple Watch with curved edges. Made of aluminum, it also seemed to come with an orange wrist strap. Rumors say the display could be bright and clear AMOLED touchscreen. Though instead of using the Wear OS system, it may run on its own software.

The prices reportedly planned are around $55 for the Watch Pro, $43 for the Buds Pro earphones, and $37 for the quick charger. Converting from Indian rupees, these would make CMF’s debut devices quite affordable options.

Mark your calendars for September 26th to see what new gadgets the affordable CMF by Nothing sub-brand has in store!

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