Funke Akindele Goes Live on Instagram While on Set

Funke Akindele

Award-winning Nollywood actress Funke Akindele-Bello popularly known as Jenifa just ended an Instagram live video that she started when she was actually filming a scene from her TV series titled Jenifer’s Diary.

The scene

The scene was about an “Esther” who Jenifa said was embarrassing a man online whom she believed had duped her. As we all know, Jenifa in her movie character is all-wise and was telling kiki about how Esther should have gone to meet the man one-on-one instead of ranting online.

The twist

It wasn’t immediately clear what was happening as I had thought that Jenifa and kiki were just having a fun break in-between scene not realizing that they both were actually acting.

It wasn’t until Jenifa repeated the same scene a second time that it dawned on me that I was actually watching a scene that was in production.

Funke Akindele Goes Live on Instagram

The Numbers

Remember how I said I was amazed at how Bisola was able to average 1k viewers in her Instagram live video, well, it so happened that Funke Akindele-Bello doubled that.

She was able to peak at about 2k4 views while averaging 2000 views per time in her Instagram live video that lasted between seven and ten minutes.

I was just looking at about 400 viewers and it suddenly climbed up to 1000 viewers, and then 1k5 before it broke into over 2k viewers.

The Game of IG Lives

You might have noticed a silent game of IG lives going on between ex-big brother Nigerian housemates recently. They all have been doing live videos every now and then with Bisola, the first runner up, always ending up as the winner time and time again.

On average, Bisola always gets about 1k viewers, while Efe gets about 500 viewers, I once saw Debbie-rise get 250 viewers at a point while Miyonce and Gifty got less than 150 viewers.

I also witnessed Bisola and Efe go head on head today. I noticed a strange flow of people moving away from Efe’s IG live to Bisola’s IG live because I had no other logical explanation as to why a decrease in Efe’s viewers will translate to an increase in Bisola’s.

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