Fitbit’s New AI Chatbot Will Be Your Personal Health Coach

With the introduction of a new AI-powered health chatbot later in 2024, Fitbit users will have a much smarter health and wellness experience. Google revealed this feature at its annual Check Up event, part of a broader push to integrate AI into healthcare.

Fitbit Chatbot personalized Insights from your Fitbit Data

The chatbot analyzes your Fitbit data and answers health questions in plain English. It sees connections between metrics like sleep, activity and more to offer customized advice.

Chat with your Helpful Digital Health Assistant!

Initially for Fitbit Premium users, the chatbot acts as an on-demand coach. You can ask how to improve workouts based on recent sleep and get personalized tips.

Google Developing Advanced AI Models for Better Health

New models like Gemini for Fitbit and AMIE to help doctors will take healthcare AI to the next level. More details coming on the amazing health insights in your future!

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