Character.AI Lets You Chat With AI Avatars Over Phone Character.AI Lets You Chat With AI Avatars Over Phone

Character.AI Lets You Chat With AI Avatars Over Phone

a16z-backed Character.AI announced this week that users can now speak with AI characters via phone calls. It currently supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese languages. Users simply tap a button to start speaking with an AI assistant they have created.

Character.AI has tested this new calling feature before releasing it. During the test period, over 3 million users made more than 20 million phone calls. The company says calls are a helpful way for people to practice languages or prepare for interviews by speaking with AI helpers. Calls with AI characters can also be part of role-playing games.

Users can easily switch between calling and texting with their AI character. The calls have low latency so conversations feel natural. Users can also tap to interrupt the AI if they want to speak without waiting.

Earlier in 2024, Character.AI launched a voices feature. This allows AI characters to speak during text chats using computer-generated voices. There are now over 1 million different voices to choose from. Some people have complained about their AI characters acting differently lately. But Character.AI says they have not made big changes – characters may be involved in testing which could impact behavior.

Google is also reportedly developing a chatbot platform to compete with Character.AI and Meta. This new calling feature shows how Character.AI continues developing ways for people to interact with AI characters through speech instead of just text.

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