Apple Adds Google's Gemini Chatbot to Siri and ChatGPT Apple Adds Google's Gemini Chatbot to Siri and ChatGPT

Apple Adds Google’s Gemini Chatbot to Siri and ChatGPT

Despite coming late to the AI wars, Apple made a grand entrance this month by unveiling Apple Intelligence. Apple confirmed that users would have the option of using Siri or ChatGPT for some AI queries, and there were strong rumors that Apple would add Google’s Gemini. This integration could be announced as soon as this fall.

Reports say Apple may soon announce that Google’s Gemini chatbot will join Siri and ChatGPT on iPhones and iPads. This would let users choose to talk to Gemini for help with some questions, just like how Siri and ChatGPT work now.

This announcement may be made around the time Apple Intelligence is fully launched in the fall of 2024, with Apple releasing new iPhones and other products that season. Adding Gemini then would help Apple have more options for users to get help from AI assistants on their devices.

In the past, Apple talked to other tech companies like Google, Meta and Anthropic about including their AI bots too. While Apple briefly discussed using Meta’s bot Llama, they chose not to because of privacy worries. Instead, Apple sees Google and Anthropic as making AI that better protects people’s information.

We’ll have to wait until later this year to see if the predictions are right. But it looks like Apple aims to compete strongly in AI by working with leading technology partners like Google and building many choices into Apple Intelligence. Only time will tell how well Apple, Google and others collaborate to improve digital assistance for all.

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