Meta Changes How It Labels Photos Edited with AI Meta Changes How It Labels Photos Edited with AI

Meta Changes How It Labels Photos Edited with AI

When Meta started tagging photos with a “Made with AI” label in May, photographers complained that the label was being applied to real photos where they had used basic editing tools. Now Meta is changing how it shows when AI was used to edit photos.

Some photographers said the “Made with AI” label was confusing. They used tools like Photoshop to touch up photos, but the photos were real. Meta listened to this feedback. Now instead of “Made with AI,” photos will get a new label called “AI Info.”

The new label “AI Info” will still show when AI is used to edit a photo in any way. But it should be clearer that the photo is not fully made by AI. Meta will keep using technical labels from places like Adobe to know when tools like Photoshop’s AI features were used. This means some edited photos may still get the new “AI Info” label.

The change aims to help people better understand the different ways AI can be involved in photos. The label doesn’t say how much AI editing was done. And real AI-created photos won’t be detected. Meta and tech companies still have more work to clarify the use of AI in photos for users. But the new label is a step to addressing photographers’ initial concerns.

In the future, Meta and others will need clear guidelines on AI in photos. Photographers also need warnings about which tools may involve AI labeling. Only cooperation between all involved can balance protections for photographers and transparency around AI.

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