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AI Scams – Watch Out for Fake Friends and Families

Whether you’re writing an email, making concept art, or scamming vulnerable people into thinking you’re a friend or relative in need, AI can help. AI has such a wide range of applications! Let’s discuss a few things to watch out for since some people would rather not be scammed.

In the last few years, AI has gotten great at making all kinds of media like text, audio, images, and videos. It can also do this really cheaply and easily. The same tools that help artists also let scammers trick people.

Scammers aren’t going to have robots knock on your door trying to sell you stuff. But they will use some of the same old scams with an AI twist. This makes the scams easier, cheaper, or more believable. Here are a few common AI scams:

Fake phone calls

Scammers can now make someone’s voice sound real from only a few seconds of audio! They can pretend to be your friends or family in trouble. Like a fake call saying your child had their stuff stolen while traveling and needs money.

Customized spam

AI lets scammers send emails made for each person. They find your name, where you live, what you buy online and pretend it is from places you know. Like a deal from somewhere you shopped or your work’s promotions team.

Fake identities

With all our personal data out there, scammers can pretend to be you online or on calls. They learn details to trick customer service into giving them access to your accounts.

Deepfake videos and photos

AI can put any face into fake nude images to blackmail people. The images won’t be perfect but good enough to scare someone into paying.

The best way to protect yourself is to be cautious! Don’t open suspicious links or attachments. Call people back instead of responding to unusual messages right away. And use security steps like two-factor authentication on your accounts. AI helps scammers, but knowing what tricks they use can help keep you safe!

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