Best Apps for Your Samsung Galaxy Watch


Samsung makes really good smartwatches. Their Galaxy Watch lineup lets you track your health and customize the watch however you want. The newest watches are the Galaxy Watch 6 models. You can download apps for the Galaxy Watch from two different app stores depending on which watch you have. This list of apps will help you exercise more and control things around your home with your watch.

Apps for Wear OS Galaxy Watches

C25K – This app helps you start running if you’re just beginning. It has a two-month plan to go from couch to running 5K. The app is easy to use and shows what workout you should do daily.

Facer – Make your own custom watch faces or choose from designs other people made. Facer lets you customize the way your Galaxy Watch looks.

Google Assistant – Talk to your watch to get information by asking questions out loud. You can ask things like “Where’s the nearest restaurant?” or “How do I get to the movie theater?” and it will give you directions.

Google Home – Control smart home devices like lights and thermostats from your watch. This app lets you turn things on and off or change the temperature.

Google Keep – See and add notes from your wrist. Sync notes between your phone, computer and watch.

Outdooractive – Plan hiking trips and use it like a map when you’re outside. It shows your location and the way to go using GPS.

Spotify – Listen to music and podcasts from Spotify if you have a Premium account. Download stuff to your watch to listen without your phone.

Strava – Track your runs, bike rides and more. It measures things like distance, speed and heart rate to help you improve.

WhatsApp – Read and reply to WhatsApp messages from your watch without taking your phone out.

WowMouse – Turn your watch into a wireless mouse to control your computer or tablet.

Apps for Tizen Galaxy Watches

Calculator – Do math on your wrist with this basic calculator app.

Here WeGo – Use maps and navigation on your watch like Google Maps.

MapMyRun – Specifically made for runners, it tracks your runs and provides stats.

SmartThings – Control Samsung smart home devices from your watch.

Spotify – Same Spotify app as above but for Tizen watches.

Strava – Same Strava app just for Tizen watches.

Voice Recorder – Record quick voice notes on the go.

Wrist Flashlight – Turn your watch into a small flashlight.

I hope these helpful apps make the most of your Samsung Galaxy Watch! Let me know if you need any other app recommendations.

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