WhatsApp Gives You a New Way to Choose Who Sees Your Status Updates

WhatsApp Status updates let your contacts know what’s going on in your life, with images, videos, or text posts disappearing within 24 hours of being shared. There are already top-notch privacy features in the app, such as limiting who can see your updates. A change in a future version could make these privacy settings even more easily accessible.

WhatsApp is testing a new option in the latest beta version that will remind you to choose your privacy settings before sharing a Status update. When you go to post a new update, a menu will pop up asking you to choose whether to share with “All contacts” or just “Some contacts”. This gives you a chance to double-check who will see the update before posting it for all to see.

The new menu is meant to prevent embarrassing mistakes by reminding you of your privacy choices. You can currently control who sees your Status updates through the app’s Settings. But this pop-up menu makes the choice clear when you share so you don’t accidentally overshare something private.

Not all beta testers have the feature yet, as it’s still being rolled out. It’s also not clear if future versions will keep asking you to choose each time or save your preference. In any case, WhatsApp is working to make privacy easier to manage with small improvements like this pop-up menu. Convenient privacy controls can help more people enjoy sharing on Status without worries.

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